Industry Automation PLC

Eisac Automation is a professional Industry Automation PLC supplier in Egypt,

we focus on selling industry Automation products, Such as Siemens S5 and S7 PLC Controller Module, PLC.,Touch Panel,

Inverter, Electric , Sensors ,Converter ,I/O Module & industrial communication cable, CNC, Programming Software.

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We will send the parcels within 2 working days (expect Friday ) after buyer’s payment arrives our account. The track number will be filled into the order later, if you can not get it in time, feel free to email us.

Here our Bank data  :


Branch :- Rod el Fara

Account name: EISAC Automation   

Account number:  1090120000000124 

Swift code: BMISEGCX140

IBAN : 1090120000000124BMISEGCXXXX