Electronics Service

Electronics repairing service.


 Electronic Services repairs for all types of Industrial Electronics, Servo drives, AC & DC Drive , PLCs,HMI , Touch screen , IPC and  any electronics cards 

First obtain a functional part and only then send your dysfunctional part to us. We will repair it and transfer it to our warehouse for another customer. In most cases the cost for replacement is cca. 10% higher than the cost for repair, but you will receive the functional part almost instantaneously, without the necessity of waiting for the repair.


We also offer the option of testing parts in our service centre. During the testing of the product whether or not the product works the way that it should work is evaluated in a simulated situation. 



We implement repairs of components that are designated for industrial automation. The cost for the repair is always determined in advance and it usually ranges between 20 and 40% of the original price of the new product. Most simple repairs are completed in 1-2 weeks, while in urgent cases we offer express repairs in the shortened term.



ITEM:(Simodrive) / BRAND:(Siemens) / FAULT:(IGBT)


ITEM:(HMI) / BRAND:(WEINVIEW) / FAULT:(Touch broken)