Buying industrial components

We will buy from you any components related to industrial automation, both those that are non-functional and those that are mechanically damaged.

We also buy parts from shutdown warehouses such as remaining assembly parts and parts that are outdated because of technology upgrading.


We also buy-out entire production lines; we ensure their disassembly and thereby reduce the need for your investment in the new technology.

Send us a list of parts, always specifying:  To ( )

  • The manufacturer and the designation of the part; for example: Siemens 6ES5 466-3LA11 and the number of items required.
  • The condition of a new part: the packaging was opened, intact / of a used part: functional, non-functional.
  • The asking price.

Or contact our sales representative who will visit you and, if necessary, will take photos of parts of or of the entire device, making a list of them, etc. Based on this information we will determine the purchase price and prepare an offer for you.

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